April 24, 2015

Bluebonnet Shop Hop 2015 - B and B Quilting

Today I thought I'd share another stop on the Bluebonnet Shop Hop, here in Central Texas. We're stopping at B and B Quilting in Buda, Texas.  This is another favorite shop that has really grown in the last few years.  They just moved into a new building...

B and B Quilting 

It is, what I call, a Texas style building.  Everything, including the doors, are so inviting...

B and B Quilting

Here are a few of the shop samples.  Here is their version of the shop hop quilt.  (As you can see, they carry a ton of notions too!)...

B and B Quilting - Shop Hop Quilt 

I love this log cabin quilt...

B and B Quilting - Log Cabin Quilt 

And just look at this quilt!

B and B Quilting  

And this sample...

B and B Quilting  

I think one of the draws of this shop for me is that they are moving toward a more modern look and carrying fabrics to go with that movement.  Mom spent quite a bit at B and B.  I love these.  We picked some up last year but I've already used them so Mom bought a few more yards in three different colorways...

B and B Quilting 

I love this black!  It has a depth to it that is perfect.  Almost a velvet look to me.  And this green Mom loved and I think it will be fun to incorporate.  Greens are seriously lacking in my stash.

B and B Quilting 

Mom is a teal person and we have bought this teal a few times and used them all so she bought a few more yards of it too.  This blue was by the cutting table, is actually 108" wide but Mom loved it so she bought a yard.  

B and B Quilting 

I was being good and only bought a half yard of this orange fabric.  I have it in a light blue and adore it so I couldn't pass it up.

B and B Quilting 

And finally, here are our free fat quarters from B and B Quilting.

B and B Quilting 

If you are ever on I35 just south of Austin, be sure to pull into Buda, Texas, and stop at B and B Quilting.  You will truly enjoy this little gem of a shop in the heart of Texas.

April 21, 2015

Leader/Ender Linky Party!

Welcome to our leader/ender linky party for April! I actually made progress! Here is where I was last month:

Patches and Pinwheels- March

Twenty-one sets in March and now for April...

Patches and Pinwheels - April 

Twenty-seven sets!!!  I feel like I made tons of progress over the last month!  Still plenty of sets to go but I really like the way it's coming along.  All scraps!!  

Now it's your turn.  How much progress have you made this month? I'd love to see what you're working on so grab a button and come link up!
A Quilting Chick

Today I'm linking up with Val over at Val's Quilting Studio where people are showing off their patchwork quilts, current or old projects, in her wonderful linky party every Tuesday to bring back your old posts.  Go take a look and enjoy!

And I'm linking up with A Quilting Life where we are showing off our scrappy projects.

April 20, 2015

Bluebonnet Shop Hop 2015 - A Quilter's Folly

I thought I'd share another post from our Bluebonnet Shop Hop. This time, we're stopping at A Quilter's Folly, up in Austin, TX.  A Quilter's Folly is one of those good local quilt shops where you can stop in for your basics.  They have a large selection of fabric, mostly sorted by color, so you can usually find something that will work on your projects.

Here is the shop hop quilt they had on display...

A Quilter's Folly - Bluebonnet Shop Hop Quilt 

I loved the look of this next quilt, but it was hard to see as they had it covering a cutting table...

A Quilter's Folly - Ice Cream Quilt 

And this star quilt that they had above that cutting table is gorgeous!

A Quilter's Folly - Star Sample Quilt 

At this shop, I did manage to find some more of the fabric that I needed for the background on my niece's Zodiac Stars quilt.

A Quilter's Folly - Background for Zodiac Star 

And these are the free fat quarters we picked up...

A Quilter's Folly - Fat Quarters 

I'll share more shop hop pics later this week!  Be sure to stop back by tomorrow to add your link to our monthly leader/ender challenge linky party!
A Quilting Chick